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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

10 AM PST | 12 PM CT | 1 PM EST

Marcal Graham, Ed.D


MOVEME: Harnessing the Power of Your Thoughts for 

Personal and Professional Greatness

Presentation Overview:

The purpose of this presentation is to introduce individuals and organizations to a leadership and wellness model that can be adapted and implemented with youth and adult audiences in educational, community, and professional settings. 

During this presentation, Dr. Graham, the creator of the MOVEME Model, will give an overview of the six core principles of the model which are Motivation, Openness, Vision, Exposure, Mastery, and Engagement (MOVEME). According to Dr. Graham, these core principles create a transformative framework and attitude that participants alike can draw from as they move beyond education, college, and confront the many education, employment, and financial wellness challenges of the 21st Century changing workplace.

The MOVEME model encourages individuals to engage in adaptive learning, self-discovery, and critical reflection in order to transform and re-evaluate their thinking so that they see the need and choose to lead when dealing with adverse life situations. At the end of this process, individuals gain a deeper understanding of themselves and acquire an introspective mindset in order to understand the motivations behind self-defeating behaviors.

Learning Objectives of the MOVEME Model:

  • Understand what it means to be a self-aware and self-reflective leader.

  • Evaluate your time, effort, and energy as it pertains to goal setting.

  • Assess critically your leadership capacity and communication skills.

  • Understand how exposure promotes diversity of thought and action.


Speaker's Bio:
Since 2012, Dr. Marcal Graham has served as the Associate Director of the University of Maryland’s Educational Opportunity Center (UM-EOC). Dr. Graham brings over 20 years of experience in the field of Educational Leadership and Administration. He has dedicated much of his life to helping students overcome academic and professional obstacles. Prior to joining UM-EOC, Dr. Graham worked with several charter schools in the District of Columbia in the area of data and assessment. In addition, Dr. Graham worked as an analyst in the Accountability Department for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools where he trained teachers, principals, and area superintendents on how to analyze and evaluate data at the classroom, school, and district level. He also had the opportunity to become a Strategic Data Fellow at Harvard University for a year while working with Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools Central Office Accountability Department. 

Dr. Graham earned his Doctor of Education degree from Temple University and has self-published three (3) books around the concept of self-empowerment and has developed his own mindset theory model (MOVEME).

The MOVEME book can purchased at the following sites in hard copy or E-book form:



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